Steve Knight | Copywriter | About Me
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This is where I boil my life down to its essence. Born in Maine. Third son of seven boys. My dad was a teacher, my mom a homemaker. Left after high school for a 4-year military journalism stint. Spent time in Thailand and the Philippines before ending up in Austin in the late 1970s. Nice place. Decided to stay. Went to UT-Austin. Got an economics degree. Not exactly sure why, but it  was damn interesting. Got into magazine writing/editing, then moved on to corporate communications in the nonprofit world before going freelance and ending up at T3. Never really dreamed of being in advertising, but once I got there, I found that my skills and temperament were a pretty good fit. Go figure.

Married, two kids, both UT-Austin grads. Both gainfully employed. I couldn’t be more proud of them. My wife is called the hardest working person at UT-Austin. I believe it. 

I could go on a long soliloquy here, but I’m more listener than talker, so I’ll wrap up this part by thanking you for reading this far. I appreciate your time and interest.

Play ball: I’ve been coaching kids since I was in college, then coached my kids from pee-wee sports through high school. Still coach soccer. It’s one of my favorite things to do. I learn so much from the kids and their parents. They make me laugh. The secret to success: make sure playing sports stays fun for kids.

Payback: Got started mentoring in the nonprofit world and found that the more I reached out to help those who needed a positive influence in their lives, the better I felt about myself. It’s definitely a win-win. Have been mentoring Austin ISD students for 20+ years, including five through the Seedling Foundation’s Children of the Incarcerated program. I also did lots of informal mentoring at T3, where many called me their “work dad”. Mentoring is good karma. 

I’ve been a writer and content guy since high school, working as a military journalist, magazine editor, communications consultant, webmaster and advertising copywriter. Never missed a deadline in my life while doing stuff like this:


My writing style is conversational and pretty straightforward, whether I’m writing highly technical stuff or human interest articles. If it’s interesting to read, people will read it.


This is where planning really counts. You have to anticipate where people are going to engage with what you have to say and craft messaging to make it relevant in every case.


I must be an ad geek, because I love email campaigns. They give you a chance to reach people creatively and hone your messaging over time.  


All writers are content strategists, but not all content strategists are writers. In the digital world, content strategy is critical because there are so many ways for audiences to engage and you have to plan for all of them.


What haven’t I done here — from rich-media banners to sites and microsites, search advertising, social media, mobile, in-game, video ads and pretty much everything else you can imagine in digital.


Although T3 is mostly a digital shop, I loved being the go-to guy for direct mail. From high-impact mailers for Dell and Phillips 66 to newsletters, brochures and collateral, writing for print is always a welcome change from the digital world.

Why I would hire me:

I often quip that it’s hard to find good people. But it really is hard to find people you can really trust. People you can count on every time. People ready and willing to do whatever it takes. People without egos or agendas. People who hit deadlines. People who live in good humor. The type other people love to work with. I’m one of those people.